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Mrs. Nellie Showalter and her sisters family

Proprietors of The Highland Inn (The Hotel Monterey)

an overview

Former Proprietor history begins with Silas W. Crummett the builder.  Mr. Crummett brought much anticipation and excitement to Highland County with the building of his hotel.  In later years he was devastated by the death of his daughter and had a very sad ending.  He was followed by the Pattersons and their years of ownership show the hotel as a lively social venue.

The Carwells were the next owners and the short time they owned the Inn were tragic and mysterious: There was a fire followed by the poisoning death of Mrs. Carwell in 1919, and the subsequent disappearance and death of Mr. Carwell.  Charlie Pullin, the well-known brother of Mrs. Carwell who ran the local bus service, was a partial owner from the Carwell purchase until the 1930’s.  Mr. Boggs of Franklin, WV owned and leased the hotel to operators through the 1920’s.

The Great Depression brought the hotel on to the auction block and the Showalters eventually purchased it.  Mrs. Nellie Showalter, described as a no-nonsense but warm-hearted lady, competently ran the hotel for 30 years.  Her perseverance was probably instrumental in preserving the hotel for our generation.  In 1969 Mrs. Showalter died and her heirs sold the Monterey Hotel, as it was then known, to the Willis’s who owned it for eight years.

Ill-fated Developers purchased the hotel in 1977.  The Developers hired Virginia architect Wally Mills for preservation work and he oversaw the restoration and the addition of bathrooms to all guestrooms.  In 1981, the hotel was sold at auction to the entrepreneurial and somewhat controversial George Sanders who finished the hotel’s restoration and renovation.  The hotel re-opened in 1982 as The Highland Inn.

Between 1985 and 1987, the Highland Inn went through three owners including the local bank before being purchased by John and Joanne Crow who are remembered by the hotels current guests as bringing the hotel a warmer and more gracious atmosphere.

This style was expanded and improved upon by their successors, Michael Strand and Cynthia Peel who purchased the hotel in 1990. Their 12 years of ownership brought new stability to Highland County and Monterey’s landmark hotel.  In 2002 The Highland Inn was purchased by Gregg and Deborah Morse who during their 12 years of ownership, enjoyed operating  the old “Hotel Monterey” into its second century of service to the community and visitors. In 2015, The Highland Center - a local non-profit organization, purchased the Inn to preserve it for future generations.

S. W. Crummett, Builder & Proprietor


Silas W. Crummett, Proprietor

Mrs. Showalter and her sister's family

Mrs. Showalter, second from left